Adults Ministries

Sunday School

Adult Bible Study Groups – Sunday Morning 9:45 AM
Adult Sunday School classes for adults are a great way to get connected to other believers at FBCW! Classes are organized differently each quarter (but usually by age) so that you can get to know others in your particular life-stage. Young adult classes are always provided for those younger than 30 and a ladies class is always available for ladies only (if desired).

Classes begin in their designated classrooms at 9:45 AM, following an optional time of fellowship and refreshment in the café beginning at 9:20 AM.

Adult Sunday School classes were created at FBCW for the purpose of encouraging attenders to talk more about their faith with one another and to get into the Word of God for biblical answers. Preview sheets for the next lesson are provided every week so that you can come prepared to participate in the lively discussions and ask questions if you have them. Participants are encouraged to answer thought-provoking questions during the week, read selected passages of Scripture and memorize Bible verses together.

If you come as a visitor to FBCW, you will be welcomed to an enthusiastic class of believers, excited about discussing the Bible. We would love to have you join us this Sunday!


At First Baptist Church, we believe that all Christians should be involved in discipleship (helping others follow Jesus Christ). For this purpose, we have established two programs to facilitate discipleship in the church.

“First Steps for New Believers” is a discipleship program that occurs on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:15.  It is a one-on-one meeting held in a quiet classroom setting, in which a mature believer takes a new believer through a 13-week curriculum discussing the basics of biblical Christianity. There is a lot of opportunity for Q&A and practical advice for successful Christian living.

The Mutual Discipleship program is for any regular attender that wants to increase the level of accountability and Christian fellowship in their life. The weekly one-hour meetings consist of a book-study, focusing on one of several key topics of interest for growing Christians. These private one-on-one discipleship meetings occur on non-service nights and last from 13 to 15 weeks.  Materials are free to participants as long as they complete the study. “Disciplees” can choose their own “discipler” or can opt to be assigned a discipler by the church staff.

Regular attenders can sign up for either of these programs in the church office or by emailing Pastor Stille.

Young Adults

FBC Young Adult ministries exist to praise and glorify God as we seek to gain an understanding of God’s Word and teachings as they apply to our lives. FBC of Wixom strives to provide an environment where our young adults can meet with the purpose of discussing the various spiritual issues we may face in our world today. FBC strives to motivate our young adults to continue walking in faith with the purpose of glorifying God in every facet of their lives.

The Lord has blessed our Young Adult Ministry at FBC of Wixom with tremendous growth over the past 2 years. This has already and will continue to make a great positive impact on our Church. Our Young Adults range from the ages of 18 to 30 years old and we have a wide range of personalities and backgrounds as well as differing spiritual stages. Our Young Adults have an overwhelming zeal for the Lord and are looking to mature in their spiritual walk while seeking to have an eternal impact in our community.

Our Leaders are seeking to be a positive influence, while providing guidance to our young adults as they are establishing themselves in adulthood. FBC is striving to help our young adults to recognize and acknowledge their gifts, abilities, and talents, and to help them find ways to use those for God’s purpose and good work.

Join us for Sunday school at 9:45 AM every week, as we discuss relevant issues and seek to develop a solid biblical theology foundation.